What Our client say's

Challenge: The system accumulated vacation and leave time beyond County maximums. Over the course of a year, several SAP-certified consultants were unable to find a solution. Solution: In less than two weeks, HCI developed a custom program which solved the problem without negatively impacting system efficiency. Client:   Government – County
Challenge:After an implementation that took more than two years, the users of the system were in fire fighting mode – unable to rapidly access queries and reports and perform basic time evaluation tasks. The City needed support to fully leverage its SAP investment. Solution: Knowledge Transfer. Custom content was generated and workshops were held to train users. Online documentation was developed to increase system effectiveness. Training materials were produced to document system functions. Client:   Government – City
Challenge:A number of policy and County and union changes required that the County make major modifications to its system. Cost containment was a major priority for the County. Solution: Experienced and resourceful talent. HCI provided a resourceful and experienced SAP time consultant. The consultant was able to quickly grasp what needed to be done and gain the clients’ trust. As a result, the County felt comfortable with the remote solution proposed which minimized costs and allowed them to complete all proposed modifications. Client: Government – County
Challenge:The client needed to quickly upgrade its Time Collection System because it would no longer be supported by the manufacturer. Solution: Provide turnkey solution for the client. HCI assisted the client in developing a realistic budget, determined the number of clocks needed, identified the functionality required, created the RFP, established vendor criteria, identified appropriate vendors, installed the clocks and implemented the software. Client: Floor Covering Company
Challenge:Time Evaluation implementation that would typically take twelve weeks was budgeted for six weeks. Solution: Flawless execution. The client had a tight time frame and budget for the project. Requirements were developed as the code was being generated. There was little time for traditional testing and feedback from subject matter experts. The programming had to work the “first time.” It did. Client: Financial Services Firm