HCI is a leading technology company in mobile applications providing a strategic and innovative approach for clients in the private and public sector. HCI understands that organizations are looking for customer partners to engage in developing a solution utilizing wireless capability to help improve productivity, efficiency and quality of the job around the workplace. HCI’s mobile applications and development process is geared towards insuring transparency, timely delivery and high quality.

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Mobile Enterprise Business Solutions

HCI Mobile Apps platform can take advantage of innumerable options for mobile data collection. Your native apps can record and collect numeric, alphanumeric, date/time, GPS locations, e-mail, photo and signature data. Your powerful application form works in both internet connected mode and offline mode (when an internet connection is not available). In the offline mode, data is stored on your device (iPhone, Android, HTML5, Tablet or iPad) and is sent to your repository once an internet connection is re-established insuring your information can be gathered on the spot and successfully stored on your cloud based hosting.

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Mobile Workplace is an award-winning mobility solution currently used by more than 60,000 mobile users every day in a variety of commercial markets.

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HCI Powerful and effective cooperation lasting for years!


An IT service provider that's fanatical about client satisfaction, that can get it done on time and under budget and can simplify the complex.

For government agencies and public entities, the economic crisis brings unprecedented financial, social and political implications to the equation. The need to drive performance and operate more efficiently is more intense than ever.

Check our our video to the right to find out how we saved one company thousands of dollars with our mobile app solution.